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Holiday Fawnling
Bullet; Blue for that you get your fawnlings rack and hairdos on the base
Bullet; Blue additionally i can stick more holly or mistletoe (or ivy!) in there too :3
Bullet; Blue i can also recolour; the santa part to OG green or a natural red colour, or the holly berries to white
(i'll probably recolour to more suit your fawnlings palette too)
Bullet; Blue you can shrink em and use them as page dolls if you like !!!

Base; (light/heavy & santa/yule)
cute lil blops of your characters - theres a ton of horse & fawnling examples in my gallery but i'll give anything a bash animal or humanoid or just anything !!
  • you can be Exact in everything from pose expression BG anything as you like to just giving me a character to puzzle on and leaving me to get on with it :love:
  • otherwise pose & expression will be a summary of what i find in bios
  • default fawnlings art backgrounds will be summer in wherever the fawnling calls home - fitting the fawnlings' colour schemes etc - mostly in the day except for blackwood which is likely to be a night one, absolutely feel free to be specific if this isnt your bag
  • i'll tend to draw them at real game age (+rack) so if you want an updated / baby / rackless just let me know !
  • harpg / darpg / carpg / tokota /draco stryx etc art will usually be the setting of whatever stable kennel cattery thingy complex i find in your gallery but again just say so if you'd like something different
  • purely OC art will come sans background unless you ask since an OC is very personal and unique so its hard to "blanket term" them
  • if youre looking to get more than one character per picture note me so i can bug it all over for you and set up a commission widget specifically

( if you can paypal please do though ;3; )
COMMON New Galloway Pony custom import
breed book starts here!

this covers any combination of;
extension, agouti (seal, bay & wild), mealy/pangare & dun
PLUS a single cream gene, flaxen, or silver - if wanted
some form of the belt pattern is always included in these
UNCOMMON New Galloway Pony custom import
breed book starts here!

this covers any combination of;
extension, agouti (seal, bay & wild), mealy/pangare & dun
PLUS a cream gene, flaxen, or silver - if wanted
PLUS another cream gene, grey, splash, liver/sooty, tobiano, or roan - if wanted
some form of the belt pattern is always included in these
RARE New Galloway Pony custom import
breed book starts here!

this covers any combination of;
extension, agouti (seal, bay & wild), mealy/pangare & dun
PLUS up to 4 of;
single or double cream, flaxen, silver, grey, splash, liver/sooty, tobiano, and roan
the belt marking is optional !
a “Whatever The Shit You Want” NGP import
this is a holiday special until the end of Dec 17 for whatever gene combo on a new galloway pony youd like if not already described above !!! gene it UUUP LAAAADSSS !!!!!



ofcowardiceandkings's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom

22 y.o. / archaeologist / artdick / furry trash / trans boy / gay mess / tiny boop

Gender Symbol - Male by TwinkJinx Gender Flags - Transgender / Transsexual by TwinkJinx Sexual Orientations - Homosexual by TwinkJinx

im more active at my tumblr which i use to yell about fandom things as well as social issues and politics etc

it takes me a while to reply sometimes so if i post and run its nothing personal, its just that i havent got the energy to make myself talk to people at the time
also ive got a real bad short term memory problem and a Lot of spread im so sorry x100 in advance for forgetting whatever it is i forget ^^;
sorry , i type like a cat walking across a keyboard but i cannot stop ;a;

thank u for visiting :*




12yo | Stag | Witch


15yo | Stag | Warrior, Aspiring Raider


17yo | Doe | Witch (?)


Freeform Dump

if youre not near my tumblr then ive hit a real hard patch of severe insomnia ,, and being fatigued or tired or whatever REALLY wakes up my physical anxiety symptoms ?? the big ass one being tremors primarily in my hands lmao
so art is ,, not easy right now ,, particularly not neat art
im tryna work on it but doctors arent very helpful for sleep complaints other than banging on "sleep hygiene" :shrug:
so much for this year going hitch free lol

aaaa a a a a anyway
i DO draw when i really badly cant sleep and need to do something to try to reset my brain clock but like , badly kdjdksjdhfjd
these are some freeform sketchesss i did like max 3 erasings on this whole thing 

wanted !! more art of just my pons chillin !!! but these will have to do !!!! jfdkjfdkjfn

yall recognise elliott connor greaser sherlock john pon bunny janine martin felix & geode
but the top right two ???
got some stuff in the works :>

[ heres the uncoloured versionsssss ]

( ofcowardiceandkings / justaholmesboy @ tumblr )
New Galloway 58 - Closed

owned by Elemental-Elrii

New Galloway Pony


"ulsblakk" pangare wild buckskin dun with belt 

ive had these lurking since it snowed here and like !! snow inspired bebbies !!!
being the fucking nerd i am i used a set of polyhedral dice to randomise their base coats lmfao
this kid isnt as rare in colour as the others but its based on ulsblakk fjords :')



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KingdomHeartsOrgXII3 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hiya! c:
renneka Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Student Digital Artist
A question about the galloways:
What sort of competition would they be suited to?
I feel like flat hunter and maybe hunter under saddle over small jumps would be okay for them.  
Possibly halter?
I want to compete with my gallies but not sure what competition would suit them!
anubiscat Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
le gasp <.< are chubs open?!
decors Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
A wish for lots of birthday fun
to last until the day is done.
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!
Schainukan Featured By Owner Edited Sep 29, 2017
Happy Birthday! X3 Have your cake and eat it too 
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